Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Beginning

Post #1
Since 2009 when my cousin went to college I have had an ongoing, some would say, obsession with most things college (tuition takes a back seat). She went to the University of Delaware and it was glorious helping her move in and watch the cold, small, four-walled room slowly become a home. From that day on I longed to live my college days, I longed for the independence it lends and the fun that is inevitable. Being a senior in high school now my says of thinking applying to college was: pick your favorite, put your blindfold on, spin around and pick one and CONGRATS you're in school, are long gone. I realize now the applying to  schools is a long, tedious, process, that can be both exciting and sad (in regards to both rejections and application fees). For some people his or her GPA and test score or extra-curricular activities will not allow them to the school he or she wanted. Some realize scholarships are not enough and the financial strain college can bare is no much to handle. Others are scared college is not where he or she should go nor where they want to be. I have experienced some of these scenarios first hand, realizing is you would've worked, studied or pushed just a little harder things could possibly have ended up differently. In situations like those I suggest think about the here and now, find the brightest side and stare at it. Find the silver(-est) lining and embrace it. I am starting this blog roughly  a week after receiving my first acceptance letter to one of my top colleges, this being the first college to get back to me, it shed a bright light on my upcoming letters. I am nervous for the three other letters I am constantly looking in my email and mailbox for. Because if  you think about it college is a way bigger deal than one thinks...IT SETS UP YOUR LIFE! Sorry for screaming but its true, which ever one you choose determines your friends, attitude toward the workplace, connections to the work place, possibly your romantic life. My parents met in college, but imagine if my mom or dad had picked a different college or didn't get on the bus to that place that one day, would have ever been conceived? This whole life situation would be a whole other deal, but I digress. College is scary time, everything is new, but one thing that comforts be is knowing at least however many number of people are in the freshman class, are in the same exact boat as you. So if you can't tell I'm excited.